I’m Natalie Kirbo, and I’m the person behind this brand. I started my Instagram page, @goodmorningbainbridge, way back in 2014, when Instagram was still pretty new and there weren’t any official Instagram accounts for Bainbridge.

Each morning (or at least, most!), I would post a beautiful home or sight around Bainbridge with the short, happy caption, “Good Morning from Bainbridge!”  My business partner, Jessica, and I at the time had just started Maiden South downtown on the Square, and we were doing our very, very best and working our very hardest to promote a positive, creative Bainbridge online and in our brick and mortar. Things weren’t exactly booming downtown like they are now!

I grew up in my great-grandparents home, circa 1906, in Bristol, Florida, and my parents renovated and restored it room by room, doing much of the work themselves. My dad, a doctor by trade but a carpenter by night, taught me to refinish antique furniture, how to operate most tools (he still won’t let me use a table saw), and the importance of doing things the right way.

Now that I’m a Realtor and Good Morning Bainbridge is a division of Premier Group Realty, I’m using those skills and appreciation for the old ways of doing things and the history of a place.  I am slowly restoring my own circa 1906 home here in Downtown Bainbridge with my own little family. In addition, I’m working on several other restoration projects around Downtown, both with my husband, Wheat, and our business partner, Banks Miller (under the name Killer Investments, LLC), and on my own as well. Follow along with my adventures in real estate, restoration projects, and downtown living here on my blog and of course, where it all started… on Instagram @goodmorningbainbridge!

I’m grateful to #begininBainbridge, and I hope I can help you in your new beginnings here, too.